The Physical-Mechanical Properties of Fuel Briquettes Made from RDF and Wheat Straw Blends

Karolina Słomka-Polonis , Bogusława Łapczyńska-Kordon , Jarosław Frączek , Jakub Styks , Jakub Fitas , Bożena Gładyszewska , Dariusz Chocyk , Grzegorz Gładyszewski


Energy recovery from municipal and agricultural wastes is a major element of waste treatment. Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) is produced from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as an alternative fuel for power plants. Briquetting increases homogeneity and density of RDF, reducing costs of handling, transport and storage. In present studies, the properties of 1:1 RDF:wheat straw blend briquettes were investigated. Samples were manufactured in lab-scale EDZ-20 hydraulic press using die set of 50 mm diameter at 56, 66, and 77 MPa, at temperatures of 100 and 120 °C. Density, net calorific value (NCV), fixed carbon, volatile matter, ash content, and resistance to compression of the briquettes were analyzed. Moreover, structural parameters of RDF, wheat straw, and the briquettes’ ashes were examined by X-ray diffraction, using a high-resolution X-ray Diffractometer (Empyrean, Panalytical) with CuKα radiation and a Ni filter at generator voltage and current of 40 kV, 30 mA. Proportional detector was used. Samples were investigated at room temperature in θ-2θ geometry, from 10 to 70 deg with step size of 0.01 deg and counting time 6 s per point. Source divergence and detector slit were 1/2, with Soller slits. Crystalline phases were identified using HighScore Plus software package. Studies have demonstrated that the RDF and wheat straw mixture can be compressed to a density of 770–850 kg/m3. Also, heating rate of the die appears to affect density and durability of the briquettes. Consequently, RDF-wheat straw blend is feasible for feedstock in briquetting and can be used for waste management for energy purposes.
Author Karolina Słomka-Polonis (FoPaPE / DoMEaA)
Karolina Słomka-Polonis,,
- Department of Mechanical Engineering and Agrophysics
, Bogusława Łapczyńska-Kordon (FoPaPE / DoMEaA)
Bogusława Łapczyńska-Kordon,,
- Department of Mechanical Engineering and Agrophysics
, Jarosław Frączek (FoPaPE / DoMEaA)
Jarosław Frączek,,
- Department of Mechanical Engineering and Agrophysics
, Jakub Styks (FoPaPE / DoMEaA)
Jakub Styks,,
- Department of Mechanical Engineering and Agrophysics
, Jakub Fitas (FoPaPE / DoMEaA)
Jakub Fitas,,
- Department of Mechanical Engineering and Agrophysics
, Bożena Gładyszewska
Bożena Gładyszewska,,
, Dariusz Chocyk
Dariusz Chocyk,,
, Grzegorz Gładyszewski
Grzegorz Gładyszewski,,
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Book Wróbel Marek, Jewiarz Marcin, Szlęk Andrzej (eds.): Renewable Energy Sources: Engineering, Technology, Innovation : ICORES 2018, Springer Proceedings in Energy, 2020, Springer, ISBN 978-3-030-13887-5, [978-3-030-13888-2], 1094 p., DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-13888-2
Keywords in EnglishRDF, Wheat straw, Briquettes properties, Blending, Structure characterization
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