The influence of moisture on mechanical components for plant nursery substrate production

Paweł Tylek , Zdzisław Kaliniewicz , Mariusz Kormanek , Łukasz Mateusiak


The constructions of equipment for the enrichment packaging and application of soil substrates are based on the experience of practitioners rather than the expertise whose source is the in-depth knowledge of the agrophysics of friable materials. Understanding the physical properties (especially mechanical ones) is necessary for the construction of containers, warehouses, silos, chutes, feeders, and the selection of the parameters of their work so that technological process run smoothly. Due to the above, the aim of the present study was to investigate the physical characteristics of friable components used in the production of nursery substrates, such as dolomite, perlite, vermiculite and the Osmocote fertilizer, depending on the level of humidity. An analysis of the granulometric composition and the descent mass was performed; and the values of external friction angles on different structural surfaces as well as the angles of natural repose and descent were determined. It was found that, generally, an increase in humidity did not significantly affect the value of the natural angles of repose of the examined friable materials. However, it significantly reduced their friability when descending. Perlite and vermiculite, being the materials with a high water content, needed about 50% moisture content for their descent angles to significantly increase. Small and sticky dolomite particles resulted in the occurrence of an almost square angle of natural descent already at 60% moisture. It was found that the values of the coefficient of external friction in friable materials depends on the kind of friction surface (structural surface), and to a lesser extent on moisture.
Author Paweł Tylek (FoF / IoFUaTF)
Paweł Tylek,,
- Institute of Forest Utilization and Technology Forest
, Zdzisław Kaliniewicz
Zdzisław Kaliniewicz,,
, Mariusz Kormanek (FoF / IoFUaTF)
Mariusz Kormanek,,
- Institute of Forest Utilization and Technology Forest
, Łukasz Mateusiak (FoF / IoFUaFT)
Łukasz Mateusiak,,
- Institute of Forest Utilization and Forest Technology
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Book Walczykova Maria, Walczyk Józef, Więsik Jerzy, Tylek Paweł (eds.), Słowiński Krzysztof, Tylek Paweł, Kalinkiewicz Zdzisław, Kormanek Mariusz, Mateusiak Łukasz, Zagrobelny Tomasz, Walczyk Józef, Wojtkowiak Roman, Mordas Damian, Wiśniewski Marian, Ratajczak Wojciech, Zembrowski Krzysztof, Dubowski Adam, Gołąb Janusz, Hnilica Richard, Dado Miroslav, Messingerova Valeria, Stanovsky Miroslav, Jankovsky Martin, Ferencik Michal, Banach Jacek, Kucera Marian, Schurger Jan, Adamovskyy Mykola, Kyy Volodmyr, Kyy Andriy, Mahura Bohdan, Dvořák Jiří , Natov Pavel, Kovač Jan, Allman Michal, Mikleš Milan, Mikleš Juraj, Różański Henryk, Jabłoński Krzysztof, Slugen Jozef, Stempski Włodzimierz, Wojtkowiak Roman, Pilarek Zenon, Krilek Jozef, Owoc Danuta, Podlewski Łukasz, Styranivsky Oleg, Bakay Borys, Byblyuk Nestor, Shevchenko Natalija, Freydun Andrii, Dyachuk Maxym, Gejdos Milos, Suchomel Jozef, Walczykova Maria: Utilization of agricultural and forest machinery in research and teaching : monograph, Prace Komisji Nauk Rolniczych, Leśnych i Weterynaryjnych, vol. 4, no. 18, 2013, Polska Akademia Umiejętności, 362 p.
Keywords in Englishsoil substrate, external friction, natural repose angle, repose density
Internal identifierWL/16/27; WL/20/26
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