Influence of starch oxidation and phosphorylation on thermal generation of carbohydrate radicals studied by electron paramagnetic resonance

Maria Łabanowska , Małgorzata Kurdziel , Ewa Bidzińska , Aleksandra Wesełucha-Birczyńska , Dominika Pawcenis , Tomasz Łojewski , Teresa Fortuna , Sławomir Pietrzyk , Izabela Przetaczek-Rożnowska


Influence of starch modifications on the process of thermal generation of radicals in starch of different botanical origin was studied using electron paramagnetic spectroscopy. Potato, corn and spelt starches were subjected to chemical modifications: oxidation and phosphorylation. Samples of native and modified starches were thermally treated at 483 K, temperature usually used in baking processes. Stable, carbon-centred radicals were formed at these conditions. Their amounts and character depended on the starch variety and on the kind of modification. Analysis of EPR signals allowed establishing the same mechanism of radical generation in all investigated samples of starch. However, the course of their formation process depended on different factors, such as the content of amylose and amylopectin fraction, phosphorus as well as carboxyl and carbonyl groups, botanical origin of starch and character of the starch modifications.
Author Maria Łabanowska
Maria Łabanowska,,
, Małgorzata Kurdziel
Małgorzata Kurdziel,,
, Ewa Bidzińska
Ewa Bidzińska,,
, Aleksandra Wesełucha-Birczyńska
Aleksandra Wesełucha-Birczyńska,,
, Dominika Pawcenis
Dominika Pawcenis,,
, Tomasz Łojewski
Tomasz Łojewski,,
, Teresa Fortuna (FoFT / DoAaEFQ)
Teresa Fortuna,,
- Department of Analysis and Evaluation Food Quality
, Sławomir Pietrzyk (FoFT / DoAaEFQ)
Sławomir Pietrzyk,,
- Department of Analysis and Evaluation Food Quality
, Izabela Przetaczek-Rożnowska (FoFT / DoAaEFQ)
Izabela Przetaczek-Rożnowska,,
- Department of Analysis and Evaluation Food Quality
Journal seriesStarch-Starke, ISSN 0038-9056, (A 25 pkt)
Issue year2013
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Keywords in Englishcarbohydrate radicals, electron paramagnetic resonance, starch modifications
Internal identifierWTŻ/2013/98
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