Comparative analysis of selected databases of spatial information systems, with the view to meeting the needs of real estate property valuation in Poland - a case study

Magdalena Jurkiewicz


This publication is a case study on the analysis of the level of detail of the selected Local Spatial Information System in Poland, in terms of the content of databases and the possibility of using them in property valuation. The scope of research covered in particular the Spatial Information System (SIS) for the city of Częstochowa, operating as part of a project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Silesia Region for the years 2007–2013. The main purpose of implementing this system is to increase the availability and scope of public services provided electronically, as well as to simplify and speed up administrative procedures. In this publication, we present results of research that was carried out in order to determine the suitability of information collected in the analysed system for the purposes of preparing an appraisal (property valuation) report by a property appraiser. The case study contains a comparative analysis of information available in the Częstochowa spatial information system with similar systems operating in several selected cities. These include the SIS for Kraków, Wrocław and the capital city of Warsaw. Studies have shown that Kraków’s city portal is the most useful in terms of property valuation needs, while the information contained in the Częstochowa spatial information system is not sufficient.
Autor Magdalena Jurkiewicz (IŚiG / IŚiG-KG)
Magdalena Jurkiewicz
- Katedra Geodezji
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiGeomatics, Landmanagement and Landscape, ISSN 2300-1496, (N/A 20 pkt)
Rok wydania2019
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Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimspatial information system, property valuation
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