Support materials for yeast immobilization affect the concentration of metal ions in the fermentation medium

Aleksander Poreda , Tadeusz Tuszyński , Marek Zdaniewicz , Paweł Sroka , Marek Jakubowski


Hydrogels are potential absorbers of ions present in the medium, but they can also release some cations (e.g. calcium in calcium alginates). Polyelectrolytes such as alginic acid and poly(acrylic acid) strongly bind polyvalent metal ions. In this paper, the impact of some materials used for the immobilization of yeast, in particular the concentration of certain ions, especially those that play a significant role in the process of fermentation such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese, was assessed. The support for the immobilization of yeast (calcium alginate and polyacrylate) significantly affected the concentration of metal ions in a model solution. Calcium alginate decreased the concentration of Mg2+, Zn2+ and Mn2+ in the solution by about 10–25%, and greatly increased the Ca2+ concentration. Polyacrylate, while swelling, decreased the concentration of cations present by up to 50%. Based on the results in this work, no supplementation of wort with divalent metal salts is advised, since it may lead to a stronger cross-linking of polyelectrolytes used, and consequently result in a slower fermentation. Similarly, the relatively high concentration of calcium ions, caused by ion exchange, did not appear to affect the fermentation process.
Author Aleksander Poreda (FoFT / DoFTaTM)
Aleksander Poreda,,
- Department of Fermentation Technology and Technical Microbiology
, Tadeusz Tuszyński
Tadeusz Tuszyński,,
, Marek Zdaniewicz (FoFT / DoFTaTM)
Marek Zdaniewicz,,
- Department of Fermentation Technology and Technical Microbiology
, Paweł Sroka (FoFT / DoFTaTM)
Paweł Sroka,,
- Department of Fermentation Technology and Technical Microbiology
, Marek Jakubowski
Marek Jakubowski,,
Journal seriesJournal of the Institute of Brewing, ISSN 0046-9750, (A 25 pkt)
Issue year2013
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Keywords in Englishimmobilization, yeast, metal ions, brewing, fermentation, poly(potassium acrylate)
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