Związek dokładności modelu zbieżystości z wielkością pobranej próby

Jarosław Socha , Stanisław Grabczyński , Wojciech Ochał


In order to describe a stem form there are frequently used so called stem profile or taper models. In this paper we analyzed relationship between accuracy of linear taper model an sample size used to its development. Taper data for this study came from section measurements of 1142 trees from five over 100 years old Norway spruce stands growing in the Wisla and Ujsoly Forest Districts (tab. 1). The taper model presented in this study is based on the equations developed to estimate relative diameters (dwj) at 20 relative stem heights (j = 0,0125 h, 0,05 h, 0,10 h, …, 0,95 h). Relative diameters were estimated according to the equation (1) and were described as a function of tree dbh and height according to equation (2). Parameters of taper model (tab. 2) were estimated on the basis of random samples size coming from: 1001, 766, 517, 393, 297, 250, 200, 143, 101, 81, 49, 43, 31, 26, 19, 14, 10, 7 and 4 trees. As the results of conducted calculations 19 taper models were received. It was stated that independently on a sample size used in development of a taper models, in the case when as independent variables dbh and h were used, the error of tree volume estimation occurs between –17% and +24%. Development of local empirical equations for determination of tree form and volume based on diameter at breast height (dbh) and tree height (h) it is possible when the sample size consist at least the empirical data from 50 trees. Increase of sample size over 250 trees does not result in changes of model parameters and reduction of the tree volume determination error.
Author Jarosław Socha (FoF / DoFM)
Jarosław Socha,,
- Department of Forest Mensuration
, Stanisław Grabczyński (FoF / DoFM)
Stanisław Grabczyński,,
- Department of Forest Mensuration
, Wojciech Ochał (FoF / DoFM)
Wojciech Ochał,,
- Department of Forest Mensuration
Other language title versionsRelationship between the accuracy of a taper model and a taken sample size
Journal seriesActa Agraria et Silvestria series Silvestris, ISSN 0065-0927, (B 1 pkt)
Issue year2012
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Article number6
Keywords in Polishmiąższość drzew, model zbieżystości, dokładność, wielkość próby
Keywords in Englishstem volume, taper model, accuracy, sample size
ASJC Classification1107 Forestry
Languagepl polski
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