Planowanie krajobrazu a rozwój regionalny : architektura krajobrazu w polityce rozwoju regionalnego w Polsce

Michał Uruszczak , Urszula Myga-Piątek , Jacek M. Pijanowski , Wojciech Przegon , Jerzy Nita , Magdalena Szczepańska , Bogusława Kwoczyńska , Anna Dudzińska , Zbigniew Koziara


Protection of natural and cultural landscape in Poland, along with its harmonious shaping is of interest to researchers of various disciplines. This complexity and a kind of “borderland of many sciences” is often the cause of problems arising from the need for “complementarity” of researchers. The monograph presented an outline of both research methods and perceptions, and thus define the landscape in various fields of science. The European Landscape Convention is a good example of the EU implementation of the various programmes (postulated by The European Union) of repairing of the landscape. This imposes and obligation on each member state of the European Union to implement programmes, where appropriate or even necessary. The monograph focuses on landscape protection in Poland, forecast its comprehensive renewal and the possibility of action on legal and design levels. It includes planning methodology from its definition of the valorization and landscape design. Widely understood Polish regionalism and its future design is another analyzed problem. It is necessary to introduce the recipient to the selected policy actions in Europe. Among other things, it has shown a proven and respected programme known as the Rural Renewal. These issues are in chapters 4 and 5. Pioneering implementation of this programme in the village of Strzelce Wielkie (gm. Szczurowa) presents the possibility of its implementation in Poland. Tradition and identity of regional rural landscapes presented in Chapter 6 shows the traditional formation of the country landscape against the background of current trends in this field. The issue of the previous chapter is developed in this chapter. Polish landscape in many cases. The possibility of project activities within these types of places is shown in Chapter 7. Landscape architect taking up creative activities use the appropriate tools, appropriate methods, based on their own experience and the scientific achievements of many scientific instructions. At the same time the necessary direction of its activities are the modern needs, the possibility of realization of projects and tools. The issues discussed in chapters 8 and 9. The analysis of the current and future regional development against the background of the implementation of sustainable development has also been shown. Factors and indices conditioning this development are also presented in this work. This monograph discusses the problems of landscape planning in Poland, against the background of regional development. It presents a number of approaches substantive and methodological diversity of research topics. It has to do with the enormous complexity of the issues included in the broad landscape planning. The authors hope that this work will create a discussion on undertaken issues and contribute to in-depth research in this area, which is one of the objectives of the work.
Other language title versionsLandscape planning and region al development. Landscape architecture in regional development policy in Poland
Book typeMonograph
Author Michał Uruszczak (FoEEaLS / DoSPaLA)
Michał Uruszczak,,
- Department of Spatial Planning and Landscape Architecture
, Urszula Myga-Piątek
Urszula Myga-Piątek,,
, Jacek M. Pijanowski (FoEEaLS / DoAGCaP)
Jacek M. Pijanowski,,
- Department of Agricultural Geodesy, Cadastre and Photogrammetry
, Wojciech Przegon (FoEEaLS / DoAGCaP)
Wojciech Przegon,,
- Department of Agricultural Geodesy, Cadastre and Photogrammetry
, Jerzy Nita
Jerzy Nita,,
, Magdalena Szczepańska
Magdalena Szczepańska,,
, Bogusława Kwoczyńska (FoEEaLS / DoAGCaP)
Bogusława Kwoczyńska,,
- Department of Agricultural Geodesy, Cadastre and Photogrammetry
, Anna Dudzińska (FoFT / DoAPT)
Anna Dudzińska,,
- Department of Animal Product Technology
, Zbigniew Koziara (FoEEaLS / DoAGCaP)
Zbigniew Koziara,,
- Department of Agricultural Geodesy, Cadastre and Photogrammetry
Publisher name (outside publisher list) Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rolniczego
Publishing place (Publisher address)Kraków
Issue year2015
Publication size in sheets12.0
Keywords in EnglishLandscape planning, landscape architecture, regional development, regionalism, cultural landscape, village renewal programme, landscape visualization
Internal identifierWIŚIG/2015/237
Languagepl polski
Score (nominal)25
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OświadczenieM. Uruszczak, J. Pijanowski, W. Przegon, B. Kwoczyńska, A. Dudzińska, Z. Koziara
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