Produkcja towarowa gospodarstw indywidualnych w makroregionie południowo-wschodnim na tle zewnętrznych warunków gospodarowania w latach 1960-1979

Sylwester Makarski


The paper in the first part had the retrospective character. It pursed the level present the level of rhythmic, conditions and scale of changes in agriculture of SEM on the country background. It was concerned with the analysis of identity and differentiation and the same phenomena coinciding in the compared sections. From the social view point /what is the same as results of investigations, the agricultural production in general also the marketable production is activited by factor which is complex of external interactions particularly the level of engaging productional resources of industrial origin both stabiliting and circlying. So that the level of its consumption is much more lower in investigational Macroregion /it is conefirming by the lower value of agricultural equipment and also by the increasing circle resources calculated per 1 hectar of arable land/. Consequently this differentiations cense the lower level of unit efficiency of plenty and animal production within the macroregion than the remaining parts of the country. On the ofhen hand the investigations carried off within SEM permit on the outcrope complex of, determinants decisiwing about the level and structure of marketable production in spatial approach. On of them is the food industry, particulary when scale of mennfacturing reference to potential possibilities of production of raw material by local agriculture. On accomplished spetial comparing analysis among grouts of' villages result also some of remarks. Particulary much more differentiational level of unit efficiency for the plant and animal production. Analogically incousistent is value of marketable production from unit area. This phenomena takes place nevertheless whan we calculated the production per 1 ha valorization hectar, which can lecel the differences in the quality agricultural productional space. On the basis of coinciding relations we can ascertain then particulary moninvestment in productional resources are the areas which the difficulties conditions for the production. From this view point we indicate that acquiring of productional sources is indispensable particulary those which are dificult for acquiring in this conditions by own scope. Andogically the siquificant reserves inhere in rationalization runs of commodities and taking up the actvities, which are permitting to limit the minimum of losses of agricultural products in processes of cumulating and transfering. From the complex character endo and egzo factors, which are deciding about level of unit efficiency of agriculture consequent that problems of agriculture we cant solve fragmentary and immediately and solution concerning this agriculture must be treated as mutually union complex, efectin on the basis of haw of minima and hawing character of stabilizing activities.
Other language title versionsThe marketable production of individual farms in the south-eastern macroregion on the background of changes of external conditions of managing in the years 1960-1979
Book typeMonograph
Author Sylwester Makarski (UAK)
Sylwester Makarski,,
- University of Agriculture in Krakow
PublisherUniwersytet Rolniczy im. Hugona Kołłątaja w Krakowie, MNiSW [80]
Publishing place (Publisher address)Kraków
Issue year1982
Book series /Journal (in case of Journal special issue)Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Rolniczego im. Hugona Kołłątaja w Krakowie. Rozprawy, ISSN 1899-3486, (0 pkt)
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