Metodyka tworzenia zbiorów informacji gromadzonych w formie kartograficznej dla potrzeb zarządzania i organizacji terenów rolniczych

Schilbach Janusz


The aim of this paper is to establish uniform principles of gathering the information on agrarian lands and ways of using this information. In determining the necessary range of data on agrarian lands two groups of information were selected. The first group is the basics of the created system The auxiliary group contains additional information gathered during the process of consolidation and estimation of agrarian lands. All information set was divided into four groups according to the destination of agrarian lands: — excluded from agricultural production; — preserved because of its natural and landscape qualities; — for which necessity of changes in arrangement is deduced; — for which necessity of modification of land quality is deduced. As a result of detailed analysis and estimation of verification possibilities of hypothesis presented in this paper, reserch was conducted on two detail levels. The first level is connected with data on the whole area of the Trybsz. village (1221 ha). On the basis of this data the range of information useful to management and arrangement of agrarian lands was determined. Using this data the systematics of information sets gathered in cartographic form, describing present and planned status of land usage, was established. The second detail level is connected with the experimental object of the area of 25 ha, which was used for the verification and presentation of sche¬mes and procedures of data handling described in this paper. Detailed analysis was performed in three stages. During the first stage the necessary range of information for management and arrangement of agrarian lands was established. During the second stage the principles of data selection were determined and algorithms, schemes and formalized procedures of selection and handling of data were developed. The main aim of this stage is in establishing informatiuon modules, describing strictly determined features. During the third stage a computer was used for the realization of procedures presented in this paper. Owing to the unification of the way of gathering information and the determination of the unique form of cartographic studies information can be presented in the numerical form. Obtained maps can be used for automatic handling of information (the algebra of maps) by application of presented procedures. The relations determined in this paper can be used for the development of special numerical codes, enabling the application of numerical methods to management and optimal arrangement of agrarian lands.
Other language title versionsThe methods of using information sets gathered in the cartographic form for management and arrangement of agrarian lands
Book typeMonograph
Author Schilbach Janusz (UAK)
Schilbach Janusz,,
- University of Agriculture in Krakow
PublisherUniwersytet Rolniczy im. Hugona Kołłątaja w Krakowie, MNiSW [80]
Publishing place (Publisher address)Kraków
Issue year1995
Book series /Journal (in case of Journal special issue)Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej im. H. Kołłątaja w Krakowie. Rozprawy, ISSN 1233-4189, (0 pkt)
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