Formy cynku, ołowiu i kadmu w glebach wybranych regionów Karpat Zachodnich

Joanna Niemyska-Łukaszuk


The investigations have been carried out in order to determine: - the total content of Zn, Pb and Cd in soils of different utilization categories in the selected regions of the West Carpathians, - the correlation between the content of these metals in parent rocks, and their amount in horizons of the soils investigated, - the influence of physico-chemical properties of soils on the amount of available forms of Zn, Pb and Cd, - the influence of ambient air concentration of industrial dust containing heavy metals on the amount of these metals in soils. Soil samples were taken from horizons of 33 soil profiles from the area of the Wieliczka Foothills, the Beskid Sadecki (Kamienica GorczaAska Bassin) and the Pieniny Kippen Belt (Fig. 1). The total amount of Zn, Pb and Cd was estimated in the profiles of forest and cultivated soils (medow and arable ones) (Tables 7a-b and 8a-e). The total amount of these metals was also determined in parent rocks of the soils investigated (Table 4) The correlation between the amount of Zn, Pb and Cd in parent rocks and their amount in mineral horizons of soils is strongly statistically significant, (Table 9). There is not exact relation between the accumulation of Pb and Cd, and the occurance of these elements in parent rocks, only in ectohumus horizons of the forest soils. An increased accumulation of Pb in these horizons in the mountainous soils of the Beskid Sadecki (the Gorce Mts.) is related to the ambient air concentration of industrial dust together with abundant precipitation. An especially high level of WA and ET for Pb and. Cd (Figs. 5 and 7) was also estimated in the soils of this region. Similar high levels of these coeficents were determined in the meadow soils of this region (Fig. 6). The levels of kA for ectohumus horizons of the soils investigated of the Carpathians arrange succesively Zn < Cd < Pb for all types of soils, exept gley soils where is the other order Zn < Pb < Cd. The total content of Zn, Pb and Cd in the soils investigated is highly related to the amount of humus and CEC (Table 10). Moreover the content of Zn depends on the reaction, the content of granulometric fractions in diameters < 0.02 and 0.002 mm and the total content of R203 (Fe203 and Al203). In the cultiveted soils the available forms have been uetermined in BaC12 extracts, and the "potentially available" ones have been determined in NH4Ac + Na2EDTA extracts with the pH value 4.65 Then the content of these forms were estimated (Tables 8a-e) The percentage of these forms in their total content depends on physico-chemical properties of soils. The amount of available forms of Zn and Cd determined in BaC12 extracts is inversely proportional to the soil reaction and the level of saturation of the sorption complex by cations of a basic character (V%) as well as the content of fraction in diameters <0.002 mm (Table 11). It was not observed that the total content of the metals investigated influence the content of their available forms. There is the lower amount of the available forms in the soils of the Beskid S4decki (the Gorce Mts.:. than in the soils of the Wieliczka Foothills in spite of the fact that in the soils of the Beskid Sadecki (the Gorce Mts.) occurs the higher total content of Zn. Pb and Cd. This effect is caused by the soil reaction and the content of clay fraction. The available forms do not occur in carbonate soils of the west part of the Pieniny Kippen Belt (Table Be).
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Joanna Niemyska-Łukaszuk,,
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