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ValueThe authors acknowledge the support and inputs from the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, the Secretariat of the Convention of Biological Diversity and experts from the Intergovernmental Science—Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). B.B.N.S. acknowledges that this work was supported by the Serrapilheira Institute (grant number Serra-1709-19329). B.B.N.S., R.C., A.I. and A.L. acknowledge the support of the German Ministry of the Environment’s International Climate Initiative. R.L. thanks the CNPq (grant number 308532/2014-7) and the O Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection (grant number PROG_0008_2013). F.B., M.F.S. and A.S.T. thank CNPq (grant numbers 441929/2016-8 and 461572/2014-1). M.F.S. and A.S.T. thank CAPES (grant number 88887.145924/2017-00). The authors also acknowledge the support of I. L. Lucas in the preparation of the final version of the manuscript.
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